Video games are in trend for this generation. Today children don’t go out to play, they would rather sit at home all day with their phone or video game in hand and connect with their friends online. Today the world is working on clicks. You don’t have to go out if want to talk to people or meet them. You can just do it by picking up your phone and connecting it to the Internet. People have become addicted with this online thing and especially children. They are so addictive with their games and YouTube videos, they keep on watching and playing even while eating.


Games have become so addictive these days from children to young adults, everybody is playing games. A video game become addictive when it doesn’t have pre-defined ends. Games like Pubg, Pokemon go, CS:GO these are the games people are playing from years and they are not bored yet. CS:GO has become addictive because there is no end to it. There are not counted levels that you have to cross, the rounds are limitless. You will never see ‘game over’ written on your screen. Levels in your game keep on increasing until your account become CS:GO ranked accounts.

The second reason it has become addictive is because CS:GO has an option in the game in which you can make social connections. Today, video games encourage in many ways require that players interact socially with each other and this complete the needs of human interaction but these interaction comes at the expense of real-world relationships.

CSGO is addictive because it has a lot of competition and challenges as well. When you have so much of competition, you try to get better and better by playing on different levels and with different people. You try hard to beat every competitor of yours. The feeling of blowing someone’s head or we say repeatedly winning gives you motivation and happiness of playing it again and you keep on playing every time you find yourself free. Our mind releases a chemical called dopamine whenever we feel motivated and get happy. So each time we win the game our mind releases this chemical and tells us to play the game repeatedly.

CSGO games regularly have some type of game cash. Players also sell and buy CSGO Accounts which ranks higher in the game. Similar objectives and feelings which drive individuals to seek after wealth in reality are likewise present in computer games. As one accomplishes increasingly virtual wealth (by investing more energy playing and finishing errands), the virtual wealth converts into more greater power,  influence, control, regard, impact, status, and obtaining influence – which are clearly very alluring interests. 

CSGO is as addictive as the alcohol. One more reason it is an addictive game is there are rewards set on variable schedule. If the person gets an award on every specific number of wins then he is going to play till he gets the reward. His CSGO game account will also start ranking. It doesn’t matter how much time it takes him, he just knows if he plays for long enough it will come eventually come. This type of rewards encourages longer play time even if there is no reward.



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