What Happened When Denmark Prime Minister Played CS GO With Astrails

Best Moment For Astrails

The honorable Prime Minister of Denmark Lars Lokke Rasmussen in his speech mentioned the fact that most Danish boys are interested in video games and spend most of their leisure time playing it at least twice a week, that too with the prime ranked account which has the most amazing features.


The Prime Minister paid a visit to the Danish counter strike: global offensive team at the Astralis control center and played with them. This was an effort made by the Ministry of Culture in Denmark to support the e-sports industry and to discontinue negative mindsets and thoughts about gaming in Denmark.

His activities were also to boost the share of pro players with prime ranked accounts among the Danish population and among those who may not be informed about the benefits of playing games at a professional level. Moreover, to get to such a professional level in the gaming world you need a prominent account such as the prime ranked account.

Seated in enclosed lower ground floor rooms with all doors closed leaving their parents wondering what they are actually doing; Looking at Astralis – Parents won’t be confused and will understand that professional gaming is all about meeting people in real life. In a nutshell, the Prime Minister view propounded that it’s all about good sleeping habits and physical activities. Rasmussen was so amazed at Astralis who are champions and called them role models and believes that continued efforts by the team will change the mindsets of some of his coworkers who still have the notion that gaming isn’t sports.


In a statement by one of the team members of Astalis, the Prime Minister did not only play cs go, but also spent quality time discussing with the team and paying attention to what the experts had to say about the e-sports industry at large. Currently, Astralis, with their csgo smurf ranked accounts, is one of the uppermost teams to trash in Counter-Strike. In the course of 2019, they have had an earning of over $65,700 and are likely to end with more than this in the upcoming years.

Furthermore, the Astralis received the coveted Intel Grand Slam championship award. This is a title often awarded to the first team that wins four ESL or DreamHack Masters events within a single calendar year and this earned them cash of $1 Million.

The Prime Minister went further stating that Astralis mission isn’t just to earn money and win the awards but to first and foremostly promote the impact of esports in the same light with the thoughts of the prime minister.

“We’ve been through so much over the past two [to] three years that nothing really comes as a surprise anymore, but if we can contribute to making a difference for the gamers and esports in general, we love to be a part of it,” gla1ve said.

This isn’t the first time Rasmussen’s is coming up for cs go. The prime minister of Denmark spearheaded the Blast Pro series competition in Copenhagen in November 2018. He has been so fervent about the esports industry before the ministry of culture came in with only helped to promote his efforts.

The government of Denmark has come up with e initiative to establish an esports panel in the nearest future. This will allow a wise wage range of the population in and out of Denmark befitting from the cs go smurf accounts and the prime ranked accounts as well. This will go a long way to boost up the integrity of the esports industry, denouncing cheating and other forms of malpractices.



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