Valve Releases NVidia Patch To Resolve Stuttering Issues In CSGO

Valve recently released an Nvidia-centered patch for Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CSGO). CSGO players from around the world are constantly having different problems in servers of Valve, ESEA, and FACEIT. So many players also reported problems related to CSGO accounts, in-game purchases, and particularly, the in-game errors first noticed in January 2020. Usually, the error remains for a few minutes, but sometimes, players continuously suffer from it. Despite numerous requests from the players, the developers of the game were not responding in the way they could.

But, finally, Valve listened to the requests of millions of players and came with the much-awaited announcement.nvidia-realeses-patch

Valve March 27 Patch Notes

Disappointed payers got the good news on 26th March 2020, when Valve announced to release a patch. The report from Valve said that the company successfully reached the solution, and designed a CSGO build that comes with a fix for errors primarily affecting the Nvidia users. Additionally, the game developers also offered a fix to “errors related to prime ranked accounts”, “rare crash” especially happening at the end of almost every game.

However, the fix was already available in beta-version. Users who were very desperate and wanted to have an experience of this much-awaited fix could download the beta-version. And the number of downloads was only increasing with every passing day!

But the developer, through CSGO’s twitter handle, announced that the fix patch is now officially available for all users, and players don’t need to rely on the beta-version anymore.

You can easily get access to the released fix from the “game property” menu.

The Gaming Community is Happy, Again!

CSGO is one of the most loved games right now, and a lot of players enjoy playing this game. The gaming community is already testing the CSGO fix patch, and the gamers are responding quite amazingly! Many users are looking very happy now as they are having a smooth CSGO experience, and they are back to enjoy the game, again!

So, if you haven’t tested the recently released CSGO fix patch, log in to your respective CSGO accounts, and experience the magic, again.

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