Top 4 Reasons Why Everyone Loves Playing CSGO

Every player seems to be talking about CS: GO all the time. And everyone seems to absolutely love this game. But has it ever crossed your mind why so many gamers across the world find this game so enticing? Let’s find out!

  • Wide array of weapons CS: GO isn’t like any other FPS in that it’s got one of the widest range of weapons among FPS games. From pistols, knives, and grenades to machine guns, shotguns and sniper rifles, this game gives you all. For being a pro CS: GO, player, you need to know exactly which weapon is going to help you in a certain situation. Not only that, you’ll also have to understand the specifics and the cross-hair settings of each weapon you buy. For example, if you have a P2000, running out and taking your enemies by surprise would be a bad decision on your part due to the pistol’s small magazine capacity.

  • Ranking system What’s got most of the gamers rooted in CS: GO is its extremely competitive ranking system. Plus, no one knows exactly how the ranking system works, so that mystery adds to the attraction. There are a total of 18 competitive ranks in CS: GO, the lowest being Silver 1, and the highest rank being Global Elite Master (GEM). You rank up depending on how well you know the CS: GO maps, how many successive competitive matches you win, how well you can aim at your enemies, and how accurately and fast you can shoot at them. But if you keep losing competitive matches, your rank will decrease. That’s why many pro players Buy Csgo high tier accounts for ranking up fast to their desired rank. For example, if you’re a Master Guardian Elite, and you want to rank up to Legendary Eagle Master, you can buy a LEM account and get that guaranteed rank.|
  • High level of competition  Another reason why everyone loves CS: GO is that this game has an extremely high level of competition that’s equal to no other. The ranking system, obviously, gives the game that competitive streak, but the weapons and the fact that you get to play as yourself, create a tense and competitive environment. You play either as a terrorist or as a counter-terrorist in games with a 5-vs-5 or a 10-vs-10 setup. What with planting or defusing bombs, rescuing hostages, and killing your enemy teams, you’ve got a lot of strategies to think of while playing the game. You also need to make sure that you’re not up against a smurf who’s trying to pull you down, and beware, these smurfs may be operating in your team itself. Be that as it may, since everyone is compelled to think of all this as well as ranking up, you can guess how competitive the game can get when you buy high tier prime accounts to get to the higher levels.
  • Teamwork and coordination In CS: GO, you can play on your own, but chances are that you won’t survive for long. That’s why every player fights his or her enemies after forming a team. With your team to support you when you’re in a tight situation, and vice versa, your team can make it or break it. This game also teaches players how to coordinate well among their team members. Many pro players are members of regional teams or even national or global. These teams, if they play well enough, can compete in Esports tournaments for cash prizes and, of course, the satisfaction of having worked together to win the game.
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