Top 20 Teams of CS: GO in 2019

Expert CSGO players get to the top by using strategy and buying csgo accounts as a team. Check out the top 20 CS: GO teams, as of December 2019:-


  • Fnatic (611 points)
  • Vitality (454 points)
  • FaZe (316 points)
  • Mousesports (712 points)
  • Evil Geniuses (507 points)
  • G2 (250 points)
  • Liquid (594 points)
  • 100 Thieves (339 points)
  •  Natus Vincere (305 points)
  •  Ninjas in Pyjamas (273 points)
  •  Heroic (152 points)
  •  ATK (123 points)
  •  FURIA (167 points)
  •  forZe (175 points)
  •  North (111 points)
  • ENCE (217 points)
  •  MIBR (161 points)
  • (137 points)
  •  GODSENT (92 points)


How to play CS: GO as a team

When you are playing CSGO as part of a team, you have to remember that it’s not just you who wins, it’s your entire team that achieves victory after a successful match. Without your other team members, you can’t do much to win the game. 

This is why the first thing that you need to play the game is team coordination. Good teamwork will make your team as good as the top 20 CSGO teams.TEAM-ASTRALIS 

How to become a pro CS: GO player

You may get bedazzled by all the glitz and fame that you see surrounding a CSGO team when it wins an esports tournament. But don’t make the mistake of thinking, even once, that any of it is easy. There are many things that are easy in life, but becoming a professional CSGO player is not one of them.

Then how did the members of these top 20 CSGO teams become pro players? Is it magic? No!

Gaming is not always about skills, you know. It’s all about strategy. When you use strategy while playing, you reach the top ranks. This leads us on to the game’s ranking system.

As many of you may already be aware, the ranking system in CSGO is a bit confusing, in that no one knows how it actually works. Nonetheless, all you’ve got to focus on is this_ play and win successive competitive matches, and your rank increases. Lose competitive matches, and your rank goes down.

Now, it takes weeks, if not months, to rank up in this way. Most people spend hours and hours without food and sleep to increase their ranks, but very few of them succeed. That’s because there’s something called “luck”. 

If you’re lucky, you can rank up the same way, too. And also if you can spend multiple sleepless nights trying to win. But if you can’t, and you’re not that lucky, all the hours and weeks that you’ve spent on this game will have been wasted. 

So how do you increase your rank in CSGO? Well, there’s a shortcut to everything, and hard work doesn’t always pay. So, go with the shortcut!

Many pro CSGO players buy csgo prime accounts in the game. Once you buy one, your higher rank is delivered to you for sure. For example, if your present rank in the game is that of Gold Nova II, and you want to rank up to Legendary Eagle Master, you can buy a csgo account of the rank of LEM. 

The rank delivery is guaranteed. All you have to do is maintain your high rank with the set of gaming skills that you’ve picked up while playing this and other games. 

Pro players also get other advantages while buying csgo accounts. For instance, buying csgo prime accounts decreases the number of hackers and smurfs with whom you have to compete in the game.

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