Top 10 Benefits of Buying CSGO Accounts

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS: GO) is an extremely popular game that’s gripped 20.5 million monthly active users. Pro players usually recommend playing with CS: GO ranked accounts to reap more rewards than usual. 

Not only pro players, but some beginners also buy cs go accounts. But why should you purchase accounts to play CS: GO? Let’s find out!

buy Csgo accounts

What benefits will you get on buying CS: GO accounts?

  • Jump to higher ranks

As you must already know, there are a total of 18 ranks in CS: GO. Out of these, 6 ranks are for beginners_ Silver I-IV, Silver Elite (SE), and Silver Elite Master (SEM). Beyond SEM, the other ranks are for the skilled and the best players who compete in CS: GO internationally. To achieve these high-tiered ranks, you need to die less and kill more by becoming a Most Valuable Player (MVP). But it’s an extremely long process, where your rank gets decreased if you lose competitive CS: GO matches. To skip the long ordeal, you can buy CS: GO ranked accounts to get high rank of your preference. 

  • Protect yourself from cheats and hackers
    If you want to play CS: GO for free, you can. But remember, this game has a large number of players who might cheat you to increase their own ranking in the game. Or they might cheat or even hack your account to win competitive matches. To protect yourself from such cheating players, you have only one option left is buying a Prime Account in CS GO. Of course, doing so doesn’t guarantee a flawless experience while playing the game. You may still encounter a couple of cheats, but you won’t come across them as frequently as you would without a Prime Account.
  • Get Prime benefits

 Buying a Prime Account in CS: GO means that you’ll be eligible for even more benefits. You might get souvenir items that are exclusively for Prime Users, along with special weapon cases and item drops. Apart from these,  you can gain access to every Community-operated server when you buy a CS: GO Prime Account.

  • Play with Prime Users only 

  Once you buy a CS: GO Prime Account, you’ll be pitted against only Prime Users. It doesn’t matter whether you want to play in casual mode, or competitive mode, or deathmatch. In every game mode in CS: GO, you can matchmake with and against only those users with a Prime Status.  This means that you can play with and against skilled players, so it gets more exciting than ever.  


  • Jump into ranked matches

If you’re a new CS: GO, player, you have to play any of the Casual, Demolition, Deathmatch, and Arms Race modes. Once you do, you’ll reach level 2, and only then can you access ranked matches to get your first rank. Win 10 of these ranked matches, and you get your first rank in CS: GO. But there’s a catch_ you can win only 2 matches per day in this process. Valve has done this to deter hackers. But if you have excellent gaming skills despite being a new player, why should you wait out this boring part? Just buy Csgo ranked accounts to jump right into the competitive ranked matches by skipping the rookie stages. 

CS GO accounts


  • Compete with new players

 Many professional or high-ranked CS: GO players create lower-ranked or smurf accounts in the game. Why?                Well, they take advantage of the inexperienced players by using their own excellent gaming abilities against the latter. In other words, the high-ranked players use smurf accounts to kick the low-ranked players out of the game. They also buy CS: GO smurf accounts so that they can easily win multiple times against new players. 

  • Get a Prime Account directly 

 Generally, you can get Prime Status for free in CS: GO only when you reach a Profile Level or Profile Rank of 21    (Lieutenant). And reaching that level is easier said than done. It takes a minimum of 3 weeks to get to level 21       even if you play for 24 hours daily. Invest 7-10 hours per week in playing the game, and reaching level 21 will take you around 8-10 weeks. Instead of waiting for such a long time to get free Prime Status, it’s faster to get                 Prime Status by buying a CS: GO account. 


  • Better calibration

 Ranked accounts in CS: GO offer players the opportunity to calibrate better while playing the game. This allows you to boost your in-game stats easily, and the process of ranking up in CS: GO also gets easier. 

  • Cooperate with other ranked players

Buying CS: GO ranked accounts lets you talk to other ranked players even while the matches go on. Not only that, but you can also cooperate with them during matchmaking. Plus, if you buy a Cs go account, you’ll be able to team up with other high-ranked players. 


  • Boost your confidence

 When you buy CS: GO ranked accounts to get to high ranks and even high tiered ones, your confidence level increases. You feel you have higher gaming skills, and you can even check your in-game progress. Also, as ranks allow you to fight against players with roughly the same skill level as yours, you get more positive regarding your gaming prowess.

Buying CS: GO accounts, whether ranked or just smurf ones, gives you the chance to avail a lot more benefits than if you were playing it for free. Well then, what’s stopping you from getting to that level? Get a CS: GO account, and enjoy the real game!

Buying CS Go account is not only the end. But which account to buy is the main motive. So, pro players, advice is to play cs go with ranked accounts.

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