The First CSGO LAN Tournament After COVID-19 Outbreak

CSGO is not just a game for the players, it means much more than that. Unfortunately, the game currently faces the biggest obstacle so far in the form of the COVID-19 pandemic forcing other major events to be temporarily canceled or postponed.  We are all doing our best to fight the epidemic of the coronavirus that has seized the earth. It gradually became clear that once we overcome it, life will change forever. The culture of global counter-terrorism attacks may also change. Unfortunately, in the game, all the progress you have made in the past few years may collapse.

Counter-Strike was launched in 1999 as a module of the popular game Valve Half-Life. Valve obtained the mod from fans and released the first “Counter-Strike” game title in 2000. Since then, it has become increasingly popular.

Counter-Strike Global Offensive is the latest game of the series launched in 2012, fans immediately took it away. The fanaticism surrounding the championship has also grown exponentially, bringing huge business opportunities. Many major esports leagues list Counter-Strike Global Offensive as a list.



First CSGO LAN Tournament

After such a long break, everyone’s wait is finally over. The first-ever CSGO LAN Tournament after Covid-19 is here organized by ESL. As of now, ESL is considering two options for organizing ESL One Cologne in late August. Either this tournament will be hosted online by dividing it into regional subdivisions or if conditions permit, there can be a LAN tournament as well at Cologne Studios.

However, due to the global travel restrictions caused by the pandemic, hosting a LAN tournament will definitely cause problems. It is heard that ESL sources assured fans: “If it’s possible to run a LAN event, it will be a LAN event.” As some countries begin to lift the lockdown and relax travel restrictions, this possibility still exists.

ESL issues that may arise in the organization of the LAN Championships will include issues for each of the 24 participating teams that obtained the visa. The ESL One Cologne World Championship will be composed of teams from all over the world. They have different types of travel restrictions and therefore different visa issues.

ESL will have to consider all variables in a subtle way to prevent any team from being unable to participate in the game due to the above reasons. Also, it is always possible to choose to return only the online format to avoid additional problems.

It wasn’t until earlier this week that ESL announced that the highly anticipated ESL Pro League Season 12 will return in early September, to air on LAN. Since then, it is reassuring to announce that ESL One Cologne can be played in the recording studio, it will certainly bring excitement to CSGO enthusiasts.

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Previously, CSGO tournaments had relatively small prizes, with a cap of USD 250,000. However, Valve quickly realized the title of this huge community and decided to increase the stakes by increasing the prize pool.

Therefore, in 2016, Valve increased the total prize money for all major events to $1 million. Just like Valve’s Counter Strike Global Offensive, Valve’s competition has grown exponentially in height and competition since then.

The COVID-19 incident disrupted all aspects of global life. This will have a lasting impact on everyone, including the global economy. For the “Counter-Strike Global Offensive,” this may be exactly the same. If you want to get more news on the CSGO LAN Tournament, keep reading our blogs.

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