The 5 Best Things About CS: GO Collaboration With Halo

In the 2nd week of CS: GO’s new operation “Shattered Web”, fans are up for a treat. The game developers have decided to collaborate with Halo and cross-promote it across Twitter. But CS: GO has also decided to update the game with a couple of Halo exclusives. So what’s good about this collab? Let’s find out!


  • Halo stickers


With CS: GO now having joined hands with ‘Halo’ developer 343 Industries, the former recently announced a new sticker capsule for CS: GO players. 

On November 26, the official Twitter account of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive stated that Halo stickers have been made available to users. 

This new sticker pack contains a total of 17 rarities_ 10 paper stickers, 2 foil ones, and 5 holo rarities. These include the UNSC Spartan logo, the skull and swords symbol of Legendary Elite, the Noble Team logo, Master Chief’s helmet, and other iconic images of Halo’s. Halo-logo


  • Halo music kit


Halo stickers aren’t the only Halo exclusives that have been added to CS: GO. Their collaboration has also led to a new addition to the best first-person shooter ever_ the Halo Music Kit. 

Once the Master Chief Collection (MCC) releases on Steam on December 3, you need to buy it. Play the game for more than 5 hours, and the Halo or MCC Music Kit is yours. You can even purchase the Music Kit later on the Steam community marketplace. 

On Twitter, Valve has already uploaded a teaser of the Music Kit for everyone to listen to. It sounded like it was the opening round music, but it wasn’t exactly the main menu music on Halo 3. 

The music teaser sent off similar rock vibes, though. And with around 37 music kits already available on CS: GO, this new addition is going to rock the game for you!


  • Playing Halo


Halo, a first-person shooter initially released in 2001, can be played on Mac OS, MS Windows, Xbox, and Xbox 360. This year, December 3 will mark this game’s debut on Steam with the Master Chief Collection.

The franchise will come bundled with a total of 7 games_ 

  • Halo: Reach, 
  • Halo: The Master Chief Collection, 
  • Halo 2: Anniversary, 
  • Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary, 
  • Halo 3, 
  • Halo 4, and 
  • Halo 3: ODST. 

All the games will be launched on Steam in a chronological order. As you can understand, this is a huge moment for all gamers, and especially, for Halo fans.Halo


  • Two-in-one experience


The collaboration between CS:GO and Halo has made it possible for pro players to play both the games together. Of course, this doesn’t apply literally, but when you’re playing CS: GO with the Halo Music Kit and Halo stickers at your disposal, you can’t help but feel that you’re playing Halo too, while taking down your enemies in CS: GO. 

Since both these first-person shooters are extremely popular, this is going to make for an amazing experience!


  • Accessible to anyone 


The best thing about CS: GO’s collaboration with Halo is that anyone can access the Halo Music Kit and sticker capsule. 

You must know about the enormously competitive ranking system CS: GO has. Win successive competitive matches, and you rank up. But lose the matches, and your rank is bound to decrease. 

Ranking up to Master Guardian, Legendary Eagle and Legendary Eagle Master is no easy task. So you can understand that achieving the highest rank of Global Elite Master is one hell of a job. Very few players succeed, and most of the great players have had to bite the dust again and again in the process. 

You can rank up once you buy prime ranked accounts, though. Dong so gives you a guaranteed rank-up to your preferred rank, whether it be Master Guardian I or Supreme Master First Class. 

But for downloading the Halo stickers and Music Kit, you need to buy CSGO prime ranked accounts for ranking up. In fact, you don’t need to rank up at all. You just need to buy the sticker capsule from the main menu in the Panorama User Interface. 

As for the Music Kit, you have to buy and play the MCC on Steam for a sufficient amount of time. 

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