Reasons For Competitive Mode Playing To Be Better Than Casual CSGO.

With half the world population under lockdown, there is a continuous increase in the CSGO players worldwide.  After crossing 20 million active users, the need for CSGO prime ranked accounts is on the rise to competing with the best players. Frontline pro gamers say that competitive mode of CSGO games is better than the casual way as they enjoy playing it with many professional gamers.

Apart from the casual and competitive mode of CSGO games, other modes include Operations, War games, Arms Race, Demolition, Flying Scotsman, and Deathmatch. Only reputed companies sell CSGO accounts instantly at affordable costs to play all the CSGO game modes without any problems.


Though there are many modes in CSGO games, many professional and high-rank players only prefer to play competitive CSGO as it is better in many ways than others are. However, the players should have Private Rank 2 before playing competitive mode. It is because to have players who know all the intricacies of playing CSGO. However, to play CSGO games in competitive mode, it is easy to buy ranked prime accounts at the best competitive prices to enjoy all its benefits.

The reasons for the competitive mode to be better than a casual mode

For a newbie, it is sure a confusion to choose the right mode for playing CSGO games. It is because of their many modes, getting matchmaking ranks, and other things to consider before jumping into the wonderful world of CSGO games. The casual and competitive modes being the most common choices for them, it is better to know the differences in playing these two modes of CSGO games for enjoying it in total.


  • Casual mode is for starters who want to have a less stressful mode to have much fun.  But for those who want to have fierce competition from similarly skilled and ranked players, the best choice is the competitive mode.
  • Casual mode has ten players per side, and the game ends when one side can win eight rounds.
  • Competitive mode has five players for the two teams and has to play thirty rounds, each with around time of one minute 55 seconds with bomb timer at 40 seconds. Also, there are no switching sides during the game except when there is halftime after the completion of the first fifteen rounds. The team that first gets the 16 points is declared the winner. The game is a tie if both the teams have 15 points at the end of all thirty rounds.
  • During the casual matches, the competition is not so fierce, and to emphasize it is casual, the players, even after they die in the game are allowed to be the spectator of the remaining game. It will provide an opportunity to learn the game by watching both their team and the opponent team playing in both the first and third perspective watching. Unlike competitive gamers, there is a limitation to buy the number of grenades, team collision, and turning off friendly fire.

Hence buying prime rank accounts is essential to play competitive mode of CSGO games without going through the hassles of getting each rank in the casual mode of CSGO games. Only well-known companies give prime rank accounts at affordable costs instantly to start playing and enjoying CSGO games.

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