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Prime Account is introduced by Valve to experiment with the game’s matchmaking system. It has been active since 2016. The players who have CS: GO Prime Account can only play with other Prime Accounts. They will get the same kind of opponents as they are. They will only play with players who have invested either their time or money. You can get rid of cheaters and hackers and it can increase the number of fair matches Prime players will play but it’s also far from anti-cheating. Users can get their Prime status if they reach level 21 in casual matches or they can buy steam for $14.99 and they must have their Account linked to their Phone number as it is compulsory CS: GO Prime Account guarantee a lot of benefits with better gaming experience. Prime Account users also get exclusives like Souvenir and Weapon drops. CS: GO prime Accounts comes at a very cost-efficient price with minimal fuss for our customers.

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Featured Prime Ranked Accounts

These come at a very convenient price for our customers with immediate delivery. These accounts are ranked and regulated by our in-house team who aim to make your gaming aims into a bullseye.

Advantages of Prime Ranked Accounts


These Prime Accounts are for those beginners who have got good shooting skills. If you know the main CS GO maps well enough, buy the Silver Prime Accounts. These include silver 1-4, Silver Elite, and Silver Elite Master.


Go for the Master Guardian Prime Accounts if you’re among the most experienced players in CS: GO. These include the ranked accounts of Master Guardian 1-2, Master Guardian Elite, and Distinguished Master Guardian.


Players who’ve mastered most of the aspects of the game go for a Supreme Master Prime Account. If you just need to work on a few gaming skills of yours or perfect your teamwork, buy our Supreme Master Account and get to be a Supreme Master First Class in CS: GO.


If you’re experienced enough to have played through hundreds of maps in competitive matchmaking, choose the Gold Prime Accounts. These include Gold Nova 1-3 and Gold Nova Master.


This is where the elite tier Prime Ranked Accounts start. If you know how to shoot fast accurately, and coordinate well with your teammates, buy one of the Legendary Eagle Prime Accounts. These accounts include those of Legendary Eagle and Legendary Eagle Master.


Pro players aim for this Prime Account, as Global Elite is the highest rank in CS: GO. Buy a Global Elite Prime Account with exclusive offers and develop all your skills to perfection for entering international esports tournaments.

How to buy CS GO prime Accounts

There are 3 ways you can get a Prime Account:


Buy Prime Accounts: If you’ve been playing CS: GO for free, you can get a Prime Account if you pay the game’s original price. Go to the Steam Store page, and buy your Prime Status for $14.99. 

Get free CS GO prime: Verify your phone number on Steam and play in competitive  matchmaking. Work your way up to Profile Level 21 by earning more EXP. But reaching the level of Lieutenant is easier said than done. Even if you play the game for 24 hours straight, it’s going to take you at least a month to get that level_ only if you’re really good at this. And hey, you’re not a robot, you can’t play 24/7 for an entire month.

Automatic Prime Accounts: You might’ve paid for CS GO and then started playing it before it was made free to play in 2016. If you’re one of these players, you’ll get Prime Status automatically. 


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All accounts are verified to assure that no third party software or hacks have been used to for account boosting

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Buying from our portal means secured shopping, with a bonus of high-quality service. We provide secure payment gateway so that your credentials are protected from the reach of any third party and are safe on our servers. Because safety of our customer is of utmost importance to us.

General FAQ

What all ranked accounts are available in the prime ranked section?

We have the entire range of CSGO prime ranked accounts starting from Silver 1 to Global Elite.

What is the difference between Prime and Non-Prime CSGO?

 Prime and Non-Prime are two different sections of the same game. They are different yet the same. Players of Counter Strike Global Offensive are divided into two sub categories namely Prime and Non-Prime section. Players who have reached Experience Level 21 in CSGO are able to queue up in the Prime section of the game while rest of the players are made to queue up with the Non-Prime community.

What are the different ways one can avail the Prime Status in Counter Strike Global Offensive?

There are several ways to achieve the above:

• Grind your way to Experience Level 21 i.e. Lieutenant Rank 21 by playing competitive/casual/deathmatch/wingman. The player has to achieve a total of 101,000 XP to activate the Prime Status.

• Buy Prime Status from the Steam Store via your Steam wallet, Credit/Debit Card, Local Payment methods accepted by steam.

• Buy a Prime Status activated Steam Account from Shop Csgo Accounts or any other CSGO accounts market place.

Why should one opt for Prime Enabled CSGO account when it has been made?

 Since the inception of Counter Strike the game has free to play by Valve?been plagued by hackers and trollers. They are not only salty by nature but also ruins the gaming experience of the dedicated and serious players who are trying to achieve better results in the game. On 6th December 2018 the game was announced to be Free to play by Valve and since that there has been a large influx of hackers and trollers on the official valve servers. To protect the passionate players of the game Valve decided to make two separate arenas of the game namely Prime and Non-Prime. So, in order to protect themselves from the painful and unpleasant experience Players opt for Prime Enabled CSGO Accounts over Non-Prime Accounts.

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