New CSGO Update Intents Slashing CPU Memory Use

Valve has come up with its new update wherein they have intended to diminish the CPU memory usage by keying an optional command to present options. In order to set the command, click on CSGO in your Steam account menu, then go to properties, then after click on Launch option and Type:- d3d9ex. However, be careful, since it has been testified that FACEIT induces its anti-cheat upon the command usage. This could result in your account being temporarily disabled. So be careful.

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The command lessens the CPU memory usage by 40% which produces instant alt-tabbing to be doable on superior machines; meaning, if you switch windows in the course of a game and go back to CSGO, it’d resume back to the game instantly without any delay as compared to the 3-4 sec break prior the update. More significantly, it is asserted that the FPS would increase after applying this command. Latest News:- Astralis surpassed ENCE 2-0, Bagged Third Major Crown

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If this is true, the consequences would be huge. One of the most vital reasons why gamers don’t play the game is that it needs proper and is pretty problematic to run on lower CPU PC’s. The player‘s ground could receive a considerable boost via this update, specifically, in developing countries, and providing CSGO a broader audience.

Early tests have been done, and it is proposed that numerous players are loving the instant alt-tabbing, whilst some users are having trouble with the FPS boost. However, famous CSGO youtuber 3kliksphilip examined the command on four various platforms containing different configurations. He concluded that there wasn’t any change in the FPS whatsoever. Moreover, he made some changes in his RAM speed and played the game on windows mode and found some performance issue in one of the platforms.

It will be evident within a few weeks, as more people would make use of the command and provide their feedback to Valve. The game is losing its position to newer battleground games, and Valve is in search to renew the game. If they are able to make the game available to all kinds of PC, it would be a game changer since players choose to play the game by personal choice and not because of defective machines. 

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