Is It Quarantine Effect? As CS:GO Reached 1 Million Concurrent Player For First Time

Tips to buy the best CSGO accounts for upgrading skills

Corona virus may have many negatives for the world people, but for CSGO players, it has become a boon now. Never in its eight-year history, were one million concurrent players playing CSGO. This miracle happened exactly at 14:20 GMT on March 14, with 1,007, 062 players.  People quarantined due to corona virus worldwide seem to make this milestone possible for CSGO. Hence it appears that it is time for you to buy the Non prime ranked accounts now.

CS GO only recently hit the record-breaking 20 million players’ active in the game. Valve’s counter strike global strike is beating all other games hands down after it was made free to play in 2018.  And the Battle Royale made it the leader of the game overpowering its nearest rivals like Dota 2 with only 685,879 and Battle Royale PUBG with 525,462 players. So go for the high tier ranked accounts to make this quarantine of the corona virus pandemic free time a valid entertainment opportunity.

In February 2020, the concurrent players were at 917,000, and it steadily increased in the next few days to hit the roof on March 14. It is only set to continue its run for another few months. It is because now India is quarantined for another 21 days, and being the second largest populated country after China, the number of players both concurrent and active is to reach new horizons in a short time. Hence it is better to become a player by buying the prime ranked accounts, or the Service medal accounts.

Non prime ranked accounts

If you want to gain the Elo points or the Glicko-2 ratings in playing CSGO games, you have first to buy nonprime ranked accounts. Apart from being cost-effective to prime accounts, you can sell them later as prime accounts to gain money. The only thing you need is continuous playing and skill to go up the ratings. Hence as per an old saying, “to win first you have to start,” thus start now with buying non prime ranked accounts.

Non prime accounts.

Guide to buy non primed ranked accounts

Unlike prime accounts, nonprime accounts fit into your budget and have got many options. All of them depend on your area of expertise and levels in the CSGO games.  The following are the tips to buy the non prime ranked accounts.

Tips for buying the best CSGO ranked accounts

  • For moderate experience in playing games, Silver elite accounts are the optimum
  • Higher than average skills should buy gold nova accounts
  • Extremely skilled can buy the Guardian accounts 
  • In between these levels, each has master accounts for those with little more expertise and experience at those levels
  • High tier ranked accounts come with price tags but provide an opportunity to play with top skilled players for more interesting CSGO game experience.
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