IEM Sydney 2019- Entity gaming proceeds to closed qualifiers

Entity defeated RRQ 2-1 in round 5 of the IEM Sydney Open qualifiers. They did well on the first day where they took down TGC. Esports, the Indonesian powerhouse Boom ID, and signify. Entity defeated both Signify and TGC on Train and Inferno with scores ’16-2’ and 16-7,’ correspondingly.

Entity faced difficulty in against BOOM ID on Mirage, however, kept calm in order to grasp some vital rounds, which acquired them a spot in the finale versus RRQ.

After defeating Nuke, Entity chose Inferno after some amazing performance; however, they lost both pistols and didn’t get any ground on the buy series and lost by 16-8. With an imposing show form FrostMisty that saw an outrageous ADR of 97. What benefitted them was that RRG got to kill 17 out of the 24 rounds.

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With all the disappointment initially, Entity ultimately got their power back on Mirage and started off to a blazing start on the CT side. However, they strove greatly on the T side and lost the seven opening rounds to maintain the score.

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After managing to complete four rounds, the game went extra hours, where it became a close match, and after double OT, Entity came out to be victorious, by 22-20. Djoxic ans PSY, who performed terribly in the first map, with 17 kills combined and 39 deaths, accelerate their game immensely on Mirage.

What left was a delightful decider on Train. Entity attained a quick 8-2 lead on the CT side. However, a couple of mistakes led the Indonesian team back into the game, ultimately extracting it back to 6-9. After earning the pistol, however, RRQ didn’t have much to represent, and Entity closed the event 16-10.

With this win, the entity has effectively battled the SEA Open Qualifiers and have become eligible for the IEM Sydney 2019- SEA closed qualifier which would take place from 22nd- 24th march. Though, the winners and losers of IEM Katowice Major 2019 has been announced. Check them out!


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