How to Get One Up On Pro Players

Released in 2012, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS: GO) is one of the most popular FPS games in the world. At least 372k players invest their time and money in playing this game, as of April 2019.


Counter strike Ranks

What are CS GO ranks?

What makes this game so much more exciting is its ranking system. There are 18 competitive or matchmaking ranks (MMR) in CS: GO. Players are sorted into ranks based on their gaming skills. If you’re a beginner, you’ll get a rank between Silver Elite I (SE1) and Silver Elite Master (SEM). A player is ranked between Golden Nova I (GN1) and Master Guardian Elite (MGE) if he or she’s skilled enough. 

The best and advanced rank from Distinguished Master Guardian (DMG) to Global Elite (GE). The highest CSGO rank is the Global Elite, where you’ll find most of the professional players.

But before reaching the high tier ranks, you need to get to your first rank. And you can do that only after winning your first 10 competitive matches. Plus, you can’t win more than 2 matches per day during this process. It’s frustrating, right?

Anyway, the highest first rank cs go lets you achieve is Legendary Eagle Master (LEM). Beyond that, you can rank up on your own by teaming up with other ranked players and winning competitive matches. But lose the matches, and your rank decreases. 

How can you fight pro players with CS: GO ranked accounts?

Almost all CS: GO gamers want to compete with pro players. But most of them are clustered around the most elite ranks in the game, like the Global Elite and SMFC. 

So the only way to get at them is to rank up in CS: GO till you reach the elite ranks. 

However, that takes a lot of time, spanning over months, if not years. Of course, this doesn’t apply if you get to LEM after your first 10 wins. But there’s the prospect of losing your rank, too, before you get a chance to fight with pro players.

An alternative option is for you to buy cs go accounts that are already ranked. For example, if you’ve already reached the rank of Distinguished Master Guardian (DMG) or Legendary Eagle (LE), and you want to get to the Global Elite (GE), you can buy a Global Elite Ranked Account. This CS: GO ranked account comes in both Prime and Non-Prime versions. 

The Global Elite Prime Account costs around $43, while the price of the GE Non-Prime Account is about $24. Once you buy it, your rank as a Global Elite is guaranteed. So is your chance to compete with pro players! 

You’ll also get the added benefits on buying this ranked account, like over 30 wins, and an email with the account. 


How can you protect yourself from pro players’ smurf accounts?

Sometimes, high-ranked players may create CS: GO smurf accounts. They do this to get rewards for leveling up, but without putting in much of an effort. These gamers may also include some pro players as well. 

Using smurf accounts, such players target lower-ranked players, usually those holding Silver ranks. Since these Silver-ranked gamers and other players at the lower ranks are generally inexperienced, the smurfs easily win matches against them. 

So buying CS: GO ranked accounts ensures that you get a higher rank in the game. If you’re no longer at the lower ranks, you won’t fall prey to smurfs as you would otherwise. Back at ya, pro players!

How can you prevent pro players from lowering your self-esteem?

When you purchase CS: GO ranked accounts, you also feel more confident when facing professional players in competitive matches. Since your rank is guaranteed by the account, all you need to do is improve your CS: GO gaming skills, and you’re there! Seeing your high rank, pro players and others will think twice before kicking you. 

As you can see, CS: GO accounts are beneficial for you when you’re pitted against pro players. Getting a higher rank to compete with pro players makes for a super thrilling gaming experience!

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