How the Latest CS: GO Update Will Help Players Practice Grenades

When it comes to playing CS: GO like a pro, you need to know and defend your grenade angles to perfection. Beginners usually resort to different practicing tools for building up their grenade skills, but with so much trial and error at play with these tools, it all becomes nothing but a waste of your time. 

That’s why Valve has recently added a new update to the game, that’s going to make it easy for you to find new grenade angles. Not only that, but you can also improve your grenade trajectories now, thanks to this update. 

New CS: GO Console Commands

In short, September 19, 2019, saw Valve announcing new console commands to help you practice grenades more effectively:-

  • sv_rethrow_last_grenade:On CS: GO, you must be throwing a lot of grenades in competitive matchmaking and other matches. Well, with this command, you can redo the last grenade throw that you used from the server. It helps you practice the same flash at different angles.
  • cl_sim_grenade_trajectory: You can now analyze your grenades by freezing the trajectory of the equipped grenade with the help of this console command. This allows you to carefully study the path of long-range grenades by preventing them from disappearing from your view. What’s more, you can specify the number of seconds for which you’d like to freeze the grenade’s trajectory!
  • cl_grenadepreview: Right before you pull the grenade’s pin to release it, type in this console command to get a live update of the trajectory of the grenade. Instead of throwing the grenade and using ‘sv_grenade_trajectory’ to track the grenade’s trajectory, this command will help you plan your grenades from before. 

With these console commands, you can finally perfect your grenade throwing skills. All you need to do is enter these commands in the CS: GO game console and enable them on your private server, so that you can practice grenades on whatever map you like. 

But remember, if you’re at a lower rank in CS: GO, your great grenade abilities aren’t going to be enough to rank you higher up in the game. You need to win successive competitive matches, and even then a higher rank isn’t always guaranteed to you. So instead of waiting for months just to get to the Legendary Eagle competitive ranks or even the Master Guardian ones, you can buy cs go accounts at really affordable prices. 

Once you do so, your rank-up is guaranteed. By throwing grenades like a pro while fighting against pro players in the high ranks is quite an exciting experience!

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