How do I rank up quicker in CS:GO ? csgo smurf

In many online multiplayer games that are competitive in nature becomes a confusing and challenging task for the newbies. Upon tons of endeavor in order to reach the highest rank in the game, many starts to wonder whether there is a way to reach the rank they desire. Though several players go to csgo Smurf store to purchase themselves rank accounts in order to attain a higher level rank.

CSGO rankings explained-

The ranking system plays a very pivotal role in the matchmaking of the game. In CSGO the rankings are classified into 18 ranks. The lowest is the silver 1, and the highest is the global elite.

The csgo ranking technique has been introduced to offer the players a better encounter by coupling them with other players as per their skill set. In CSGO, silver ranked players are deemed as the worst, and players placed above them are cogitated as pros. Not only CSGO plays a great part in teaming up players according to skills, it encourages the players to compete and play more, as well.

There are two different kinds of ranking in CSGO-

  1. a) Profile ranking, and
  2. b) Competitive ranking.

Profile ranking encompasses 40 diverse ranks and the players that rank up are rewarded with 5000XP. The most crucial point to keep in mind is that reaching up a higher level is more about round wins than individual scores. If you are running round the map practicing the best kill to death proportion and avoiding objectives, you won’t be compensated with as much XP. This doesn’t mean that individual wins do not count, however, they aren’t as pivotal as round wins. The more you’d play and XP you’d earn, the higher your multiplier would be.

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Coming to Competitive player now, it is a bit compound in nature. You’d need to play fewer number of CSGO games and win a specific amount of rounds prior acquiring a competitive rank- which would usually be the lowest rank in the game. The ranking system based on a method known as the Elo rating system. This system was initially designed for competitive games like chess.


In CSGO, Elo system regulates your skill level built on the number of round wins, individual kills, and the ‘total match wins’ players history. Eventually, acquiring a higher rank is all about constantly playing the game and winning rounds after rounds. You lose, you lose your ranks, and if not playing for a certain period, you’d see your ranks disappearing, though once you resume playing will bring back your rank. Also Read:- Useful Ways to Boost Your CSGO Rank


There aren’t any shortcuts to attain higher ranks as quick as a lightning bolt, however, you should keep in mind that the more you’d play against the higher ranked players, the more Elo system consider you to be a good player and lift your ranking. The only way you could attain a better rank in the game is by practicing.


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There’s another easy way to get better in the game if you are not up to going the long way ‘round; you could buy csgo accounts from csgo smurf store. In order to accomplish high ranks in the game, many opt for boosting their account by purchasing csgo accounts from csgo smurf store.  The csgo smurf store is all about proffering the cheapest & trusted csgo accounts. It will enable you to play versus the experienced players and finish them off to increase your conviction.

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