How CS: GO live Streamers make Money by Gaming on YouTube?

A large number of people on YouTube spend their time watching gamers live stream for entertainment, and the streamers are earning quite well in this budding industry.

CSGO live stream

Rachel Anthony quit her IT job to become a full-time YouTube streamer for CSGO in 2017. She goes by the name ‘Kxyaa’ and she earned close to a lakh per month through sponsorships and donations by playing games. “Now I just stream,” says the gamer who is the part of an ever-growing community of gamers who have taken to streaming live on YouTube games section for the entertainment of their audience. Kxyaa has a fair share of 59,960 followers on her YouTube channel over 5,000 followers on Twitch, a game streaming platform.

“I make close to $400 to$600 a month and am also partnered with gaming organizations with professional teams and earn another $700 from there, being their brand ambassador”, she further said. She also added that the viewers want to support the streamers, if and only if, they liked their content.

The viewers or audience participate in the live messaging session, discussing the game, providing suggestions to the streamers and the streamers get paid as they interact with the audience. The streamers are also offered donations through YouTube inbuilt payment system. Most streamers also provide the option of a monthly payment subscription plan to their viewers, providing the offer of preference on the live chat message board and personalized interaction with the streamer. The monthly payment fee of $2.29 is set by YouTube and they keep 30% of the fee paid to the streamer.

27-year-old Michael S.J, who goes by the name born gaming YT, runs a community of 169 members who pay him $2.29 per month for VIP treatment. Michael

CS GO Ranked accounts

live-streams his game from night 1 am to the morning 4 am with 300 to 400 viewers watching the game at any given point of time. Michael earns $700 to $900 per month. Then why to wait if want to be a pro player the buy CS GO ranked accounts and enjoy playing with the pro player.

Many of these streamers get hired by gaming companies that organize tournaments.  There are two ways one can earn through gaming, by streaming or by becoming a professional player.

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