How CS: GO Accounts Help in Increasing Ranks

As you are likely aware, there are a total of 18 competitive ranks in CS: GO. We’ve broken them down for you in the following order:-

  • Silver I (S1)
  • Silver II (S2)
  • Silver III (S3)
  • Silver IV (S4)
  • Silver Elite (SE)
  • Silver Elite Master (SEM)
  • Gold Nova I (GN1)
  • Gold Nova II (GN2)
  • Gold Nova III (GN3)
  • Gold Nova Master (GN4/GNM)
  • Master Guardian I (MG1/ MG)
  • Master Guardian II (MG2)
  • Master Guardian Elite (MGE)
  • Distinguished Master Guardian (DMG)
  • Legendary Eagle (LE)
  • Legendary Eagle Master (LEM)
  • Supreme Master First Class (SMFC)
  • Global Elite (GE)
    CS GO

What do the CS: GO ranks mean?

These 18 ranks can be divided into 3 categories on the basis of the skills of players.

  • S1 to SEM: Normally, beginners get these 6 ranks in CS: GO. They tend to lack much experience in organizing team communication or using a certain game strategy. Some of them can’t even shoot accurately enough.
  • GN1 to MGE: These 7 ranks are for skilled players. Such players not only have detailed knowledge of weapons and maps, but their in-game skills are also quite commendable. Good at accurate shooting, they’re able to follow different game strategies and can coordinate as well as organize teamwork. 
  • DMG to GE: Now we come to the 5 ranks that are earmarked for the best and the most advanced CS: GO players. These players have mastered most of the gaming aspects, but they need to work on little things like perfecting teamwork. Their game strategies are super successful, and they’re able to shoot their opponents with extreme accuracy.  You’ll marvel at how excellently these players can predict their opponents’ actions. Indeed, their gaming abilities are so well-polished, that you might even mistake them for cheats. Most of them even participate in international CS: GO tournaments like the ELEAGUE Majors and the ESL One. 

How does CS: GO rank work?

Everyone puts a lot of effort into achieving high ranks in CS: GO. Nearly every player wants to get into the elite ranks, i.e. between DMG and GE. Some even dream of achieving the highest rank in CS: GO_ the Global Elite. Nobody who’s serious about the game wants to remain at the lower ranks for too long. 

Each player participates in the rat race to beat other players. By doing so, everyone wants to emerge as the best player, whether in a certain round, a competitive match, or an entire tournament. 

So you can imagine how high the level of the ranking competition is, in the game.

To get your first rank in CS: GO, you have to reach Private Rank 2 (Lieutenant), and then win 10 competitive matches. The process is quite a long, spread-out one.

After getting your first rank, you need to keep playing the game with the same spirit. Only if you win more competitive matches, can you rank up in CS: GO. If you lose matches, you’ll lose your rank too. 

How can CS: GO accounts increase your rank?

Buying cs go high tier accounts ensures that you have a guaranteed rank-up in the game. Why toil so much, when you can skip the rookie stages and just jump up the ranking ladder? 

Some players strive very hard to get a higher rank and work on getting by the checkpoint for hours. But no matter how hard they try, they just can’t seem to get past their present rank. 

Many players get stuck at their current ranks for more than twenty competitive matces. For them, playing the game the same way they’ve been playing for days or months isn’t going to work anymore. At such times, they’ve got only one option left_ buying cheap cs go accounts that are already ranked in the game.

For example, you’re glued to the rank of GN4, and you just can’t overcome some of the obstacles in the game to rank up to MG. It might be due to the carelessness or inability of one or more of your teammates. But your in-game skills have convinced you that you can play DGM-ranked matches if you want. 

In this case, there’s only one way out. You need to buy a CS: GO account with the rank of Distinguished Master Guardian (DGM). Once you get the account, you’ll get the rank, and then start playing more competitive matches to sustain your rank. If you’ve got the skills, you can do it. 

You can also rank up in the game by buying a CS: GO smurf account. But how does it work?

Well, if you’re a high-ranked player, you can get to even higher ranks by winning more matches. New players have almost no experience at all in-game strategies and shooting, so they’re likely to lose matches. And even more so, when you fight against them. 

So you can buy a smurf account in CS: GO to get an advantage over inexperienced beginners. Wipe them out of your game by winning match after match, and you achieve a higher CS: GO rank.

You’ll get accounts which have been boosted up by professional CS: GO players, not by any third-party software. So you don’t have to worry about hackers or anything else on that front. Instead of worrying, buy a CS: GO ranked account, and enjoy the game for real!