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  • The gamers that are all around familiar with e-sports games don’t really need to begin with the essential as it is a long procedure to get to ELO status with further complex assignment to finish as they proceed to increase their ranking. When digging into CSGO, contending gamer of a similar range of abilities just to stay reliable is a vastly improved course to take. There are numerous CSGO high-tier accounts extending from Distinguished Master Guardian to Global Elite to choose from our site. Shopcsgoaccounts.com gives a module to purchase high-tier CSGO accounts at a very cost-productive price. These CSGO High Tier Accounts come at a very appropriate cost for our clients with extra administrations, for example, 24/7 consultation and instant delivery. These Accounts are positioned and directed by our in-house group who expect to make your gaming points into a bulls-eye. Not exclusively will you get completely working yet additionally substantial and convincing achievements, identifications, medals, badges and so on added to your belt. These bundles are additionally very cost proficient and give gamers shop Prime Ranked Accounts for your desire.
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General FAQ

What is a Service Medal?

There are two types of rank in CS:GO. First one is skill based namely Silver 1, 2, 3, 4 and the second one is Experience Level based. Depending upon how much a player grinds in the game one can achieve higher experience levels. After reaching the 40th experience level players get a CSGO Service Medal and their level resets back to 1 again. This Medal is saved on their account as an achievement and everyone can see it. Developers release a new Medal every year.

Why should I purchase a Service medal account?

 Yoda once said “Do or Do not, there is no try.” Same logic applies to CSGO. In order to gain new levels of achievements one has to face the long roads of endless grinding and hard work. On an average it takes 4-5 months of time for a decent and regular player to achieve a Service medal in the game. Such continuous grind is not meant for everyone. Those who want to free themselves from such never-ending cycle of hard work can opt for our Service medal accounts which are boosted by our verified and dedicated team of boosters and experience players.

Why Service medal accounts are expensive in nature?

It takes years and years of hard work and dedication in order to achieve a single service medal on the account. Our team of boosters work tirelessly every single day and night in order to produce such accounts for the ever-growing demand of the customers and the market.

What are the criteria used to evaluate service medal accounts?

The criteria’s which are responsible for the evaluation of the service medal accounts are:

• Age of the Steam Account. Older the account higher the price

• Number of Service Medals on the Account and their levels.

• Number of Competitive wins and Hours played.

• Number of Commendations by fellow players and team mates

• Number of achievements and Operation Pins/Pick’Em Trophies.

I have invested a large sum of money to purchase a High Tier account from your store. Is there any way possible for the old owner to recover or steal my account from me?

No, our utmost priority is to safeguard our customer’s account. We enlist only those accounts on our store which are totally safe for our customers to purchase. We make sure that no one except the customer is able to access the account after the purchase has been made.

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