Everything you need to know about the ‘Trust Factor’ by Valve- FAQ, About & how it works

As the new CSGO update intents to slash CPU memory use– Valve has come out with its new update, as well. It has incorporated a new feature called ‘the trust factor.’ It concocts the experience of participating in the matchmaking structure which assesses the trust level of other players and promotes them with the same players that have similar trust amounts.

To define it in a simpler manner- if you have been playing like a good player no hacks, no cheats whatsoever; you’d probably be promoted with good, skilled players. If not, and you’d been a bad influence to the CSGO community you’d join with other bad players. Possibly, you’d be given choices between standard prime matchmaking and trust factor authorized by the system

How did the trust value factors function?

All you have to do is to play without any cheats, be nice to your teammates. This way you’d be awarded by playing with genuine players. Valve reported that the outcomes of the experiment have been good so far. In some matches developed using Trust Factor, several players ended up making reports in a smaller amount despite them being a prime player.

As stated by Valve- the outcome of the experiment has been constructive. In matches established using Trust Factor, numerous players ended up producing lesser reports despite their high status, which implies that the chances of cheaters encountering cheaters and real players encountering their significant others are in abundance.

The trust factor FAQ

Q: What are the elements used in the new Trust Factor matchmaking system?

A: Valve isn’t offering the list of factors for these reasons;

  • They don’t want the players to be in anxiety when they are playing CSGO or any other game on steam.
  • Since valve consistently updates the trust factor matchmaking system, any past factors would surpass almost immediately. Having said that, generally, valve is looking at your previous experience in CSGO and on Steam, in order to ensure the structure is precise.


Q: Can I see my personal trust factor?

Valve opted not to exhibit your trust factor, and rather, the aim is to proffer their audience a better matchmaking understanding. Valve doesn’t want you to worry about augmenting anything. Moreover, in numerous cases valve understood the point where the trust factor isn’t of much help- valve would attempt to match you with players that have a similar trust factor, however, it’s based on the time of the day, maps you’ve opted for, your region, etc.


Q: What can I do to make my Trust Factor better?

A: you only require to be a good player with good behavior within the CSGO & Steam community. Valve is still going over the trust factor model and correcting the way numerous factors are mixed, however, they must make sure you have a greater gaming experience on both Steam & CSGO community wholly, as well. Playing more would give them more information, and it’d be more comfortable for the system to conclude who you should be paired with.


Q: I am a Prime User, does that enhance my Trust Factor?

A: Of course! CSGO Ranks and Phone numbers are amongst the factors employed in the new trust factor matchmaking system. If you were a prime user in the past, your trust factor would gain profit from your phone number and in-game involvement. If you still haven’t linked your CSGO accounts with your phone number, then do it now. It would ameliorate your complete matchmaking experience.


Q: I’m a new player, will I have a low Trust Factor?

A: Not certainly. The trust factor is affected by your experience on steam in addition to csgo.

If you haven’t done anything inappropriate in the CSGO community and have been a good member of the steam community since the beginning, then you’d probably enter CSGO with a high-level trust factor.

Q: How would you know if this system is better than the former?

A: Along with reading the reviews, Valve has been assessing Prime by calculating the way players communicate with each other. Impartially, Valve could tell that Prime is successful when participants stick to their matches and report each other less than usual. Valve is working on a similar approach to estimate the Trust Factor System.

Q: I suspect that I have a low Trust Factor because the quality of my matches is poor. What can I do about this?

A: Contact at Valve’s official mail- CSGOTeamFeedback@valvesoftware.com; subjecting as Trust Factor feedback. Incorporating a narrative of your encounter along with your Steam ID. These feedbacks from you would assist valve in enhancing their system.

Q: I doubt that my friend has a low Trust Factor since the quality of my matches when I team up with them. What could I do about this?

A: Ask your friend to mail Valve as suggested above. However, be cautious when players are in a team, the valve uses the lowest trust factor of any person in the group for matchmaking intentions.

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