The CSGO was launched on August 21, 2012. At first, it was not free but in December, in the year 2018, the game was made free and it has also updated its version and added a new mode as forbidden mode. This was the time where its popularity started increasing. People started playing it for fun at first but later on, it had launched some of the amazing features that have enabled its players to earn while enjoying the game. Here, when everyone started raving about it, as the technology is advancing day by day, the worth of the counter strike global offensives which are more commonly known as CSGO which is increasing day by day.

Before 2017, an average of 402,385 players that have logged in to the CSGO accounts. But, in August 2019, a new record was made in which an average of 415,097 logged into CSGO and again in December, 456,701 players came into the show. As CSGO is a new source of income where people are selling their guns and doing business there, it’s worth has been increasing rapidly. People are giving it a try. According to the sources, the CSGO has increased its players at an average of 998 while the peak 24 hour shows it as 693,181.


The counter strike global offensives have offered its players to earn and have crossed an average of 90.2 Million dollars till now. This record has left behind all of the other games including Dota 2, the league of legends or the Minecraft, etc. according to the steam charts, the following are the average numbers that players have earned yearly or monthly.

  • In 2019, it was recorded as  61K/398K
  • In 2018, it was recorded as  55K/322K
  • In 2017, it was recorded as 1K/369K
  • In 2016, it was recorded as 35K/349K
  • In 2015, it was recorded as 194K/320K
  • In 2014, it was recorded as  137K/106K
  • In 2013, it was recorded as 33K/23K. The skins of the guns and the weapons were being added from here
  • In 2012, it was recorded as  13K/6Kcsgo money


After analyzing the new records, it can be predicted that the progressing Operation Shattered Web, which was commenced in November 2019 and presented a large group of new beauty care products during his address, in-game missions, and just because permitted players to choose their favored character model. In any case, from the month of September till the month of December o

if the year 2019, this game CSGO hit an amazing pinnacle simultaneous number that is even much more than 700,000.

According to the records, the most elevated count of the players who bought csgo prime accounts were counted much more with 767,060 just in the month of December of the year 2019. This is considered as the very first occasion when that the game has successively hit a top more than 700,000 in back to back a very long time since the month of January to April of 2017. The reason for the new peak average is due to the fact that it has recently launched its new update termed as a shattered web update in November which has markedly increased its popularity much more than ever before.

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