CSGO Patch Brings New Kill Feed Icons and Maps Update

In mid-April, rumors were on the buzz that the developers of CSGO intended to launch the updated icons soon. This came to be true as on May 4, 2020, Valve launched a patch in the game to update the kill feed icons and maps. The update has introduced some delightful features in the game and the players are going mad about them.

The active players of CSGO have already noticed new icons added to the game. They allow a blind kill, no scope, kills through wall and domination, and kill through the smoke. 

Earlier in the game, the icons expressed nade kills, wall bangs, headshots, molly deaths, and flash assists. Now, with the update, the new icons display properly the type of kill that one gets. The players of the game will now be able to see exactly how they killed their opponent or got killed by the opponent.

So, as players, you can now analyze if your teammates died due to smoke or due to any other reason. The patch update also fixed a bug about crouch-walking and slutter which was lying there in the game for a long time.

Map Updates due to CSGO patch

CSGO patch brought up some significant changes in the maps, Chlorine which were added to the game recently. Here is a list of some of the noticeable changes are:

  • Increase in the size of plant zone on-site A
  • Removal of specific areas of the plant zones where the bomb used to get stuck on A bombsite pillars
  • Removal of foliage from specific parts of the map
  • Adjustment of ambient lighting and other sources of light
  • Modified lazy river texture to brighten it
  • Modified sky box to make it less purple
  • Improvement in visibility and removal of wall bangs
  • Change in the radar image
  • Customization in the game for overall performance improvement

Changes in Wingman mode

Not only this, but developers have also added a 1v1 warmup arena in the Wingman mode on Inferno. The users got very excited about this update in duel maps. Now, while playing the game, you can go 1v1 with your opponent for a few minutes. This makes it easy and simple for you to go ahead in the game. Now, players can duel with their partner in the Wingman warmup arenas where they would line up to play the matches.

The developers have also made sure to remove several bugs in the game which could have hampered a user’s experience. Minor stability fixes have also been taken care of. Some UI changes have been made that are related to crosshair settings. 

The community of gamers continues to ask the developers to update the duel map similarly in the competitive mode of the game

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