CSGO July 16 Major Update for Maps

One of the main reasons for the popularity of the CSGO is the fact that its creators keep coming up with new updates now and then. Valve has recently launched a new update on July 16 to fix some of the issues reported by users. The problems were mostly found in some of the latest maps of 2019.

Being a developer for CSGO is not everybody’s cup of tea, for all the obvious reasons. They keep putting their best and keep making adjustments to make sure that the bug is wholly amended and the change in the game doesn’t go unnoticed. There have been several issues in the game over time, especially in the maps and skins or weapons and the creators have shifted their focus on fixing the other aspects of the game too.

Valve has recently launched an update on 16 July

CSGO New Update

July 16 Update is for its one of the important maps of 2019 i.e., Workout. The Workout is a hostage rescue map that is created by Skybex, which got featured as a part of Operation Vanguard in CSGO. Workout has been providing tons of thrilling matches since its return of 2015 and is one of the fan-favorite ever since.

Firstly, the developers have re-textured the pool area in such a way that it makes that section of the map a lot brighter and also the movements in the pool area are made smoother. Also, the developers have pushed the hostage rescue zone further forward which is a plus point for counter-terrorists and that counter-terrorist sided cover has also been added to the basketball court.  The entire kid’s zone is made much brighter, which will help in distinguishing opponents from a far distance area a lot better to handle. Due to some complaints, the developers have added some bins near the home brew coffee area. The players will not be able to slide up the horse at the terrorist side stadium entrance. The developers have also updated some textures and meshes throughout the map. The issue of mesh clipping at the ice cream stand is also fixed.

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This latest update has also made some changes in HE grenades. HE grenades or High Explosive grenades, as the name suggests, is a high explosive fragmentation grenade that administers high damage through a broad area which makes it ideal for clearing out hostile rooms. He grenades are long known for its hysterical rolling effects, but the developers have now changed the item’s collision hull which will decrease its role upon being dropped from an eliminated player. Although it is not that big of a change, it surely will make its mark in the game.

The developers have also introduced support for showing Berlin 2019 Minor playoff matches in-game to make the Star Ladder 2019.  A significant success. The events lister which shows two rows for events which were favorite as well as featured is also fixed. Some changes are also made in the maps of Ruby and Dust 2. Ruby is a community created bomb defusal map which is designed by cat food, and it got featured in csgo on 25 April 2019 along with another map called Workout. In this new update, overall layout tweaks are fixed. As far as Dust 2 is concerned, nothing much has changed. Only the anniversary celebration has ended. Dust 2 is considered to be the best map in the game.

However, almost all updates of csgo are never failing to affect their players and when updates are for the map, it is always good to have some prior knowledge about the same to win the match.

Like any other update, this update has brought some game-changing, impressive and effective differences in the game and most people play this game with CSGO Smurf Accounts to take advantage of these updates. So, go ahead and experience it yourself.

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