CSGO High-Tier Account and its Features

CSGO high-tier accounts are those account which is highly ranked. You can buy this kind of Accounts. These accounts have a definite number of wins and hours played. There are accounts which have hours played ranging from 200 to 10000. Different account has a different number of wins. Some can have a number of 30 wins others can have 3000 also. You also get rewards based on the hours you had spent playing and a number of wins. For example- You can get a ten-year veteran coin or other combination of coins. The award you get when your performance is good is known as Medal in CSGO. So, the account which has the number of medals is the more experienced account. You can get the best gaming experience from that account. CSGO High Tier Accounts include global Elite, Master Guardian and many more. The players who cannot wait until their account is cool down, they can buy Master guardian and Elite Prime Account. It can also save you from being cheated on in the game.

There are so many types of CSGO High Tier Accounts. Let’s have a look at some of them:-

  • CSGO Prime Gold Nova Master Account: This account has some features like

  1. Rank- Gold Nova Master
  2. Wins- 731
  3. Hours – 2500
  4. Private Rank- 33
  5. Steam Level – 195
  6. Market Enabled


  1. Wins: 637
  2. Hours – 1800+
  3. 2019 Medal
  4. 2016 Medal
  5. 2017 level 2 Medal
  6. 2018 Medal
  7. 4 Years of service medals
  8. Loyalty Badge Included
  9. Silver operation hydra coin included
  10. Market enabled for sale purchase
  11. Loyalty Badge


  • LE Ranked Prime Accounts

  1. Wins – 209
  2. Hours – 1386
  3. 2019 service Medal
  4. 5 Year Coin + 10 Year Coin
  5. Blood Hound Coin
  6. Steam Level – 57
  7. Steam market Enabled
  8. Rainbow R6 Game included


  • Global Elite Prime Account

  1. Rank Global Elite
  2. Wins 300+
  3. Hours: 2072
  4. VAC Status: Clean
  5. 2019 Service Medal
  6. Instant Delivery


  • DMG Prime Account

  1. Wins-290
  2. Hours- 2214
  3. 2019 Service Medal
  4. 2018 Medal
  5. Loyalty Badge
  6. STEAM LEVEL – 24
  7. Loyalty Badge Included
  8. Private Rank 1
  9. STEAM market Enabled
  10. STEAM LEVEL – 24
  12. No third party software used


  • MGI Prime Account

  1. Rank-MG1
  2. Wins-229
  3. Hours-587
  4. Private Rank -1
  5. 2019 Medal included + 2016 Medal
  6. Loyalty Badge Included
  7. Market Enabled
  8. You will be able to add friends
  9. Steam Level – 12
  10. No third party software used

These are some of the examples of CSGO High tier accounts. Here you can see what type of features a High Tier Account is consist of. You can buy such accounts and play without at any rank you want. You can buy them according to your budget also. If you have low budget then you can get an account with little lower rank and if your budget is high then you can buy a higher ranked with most wins and played hours account.

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