Benefits of Playing CS:GO with Prime Accounts

There are plenty of shooting games but CSGO remains one of the best as well as most played multiplayer shooting first-person shooting games of all the time since its release in 1998.

CSGO became free to play in 2018 with the introduction of battle royale mode Danger Zone which lead old players to acquire the prime status.

What about the new players, you ask? They can also acquire the prime status by opting to buy CSGO accounts as so many trusted websites provide CSGO prime accounts at reasonable prices.

CSGO prime account

What is a CSGO prime account?

CSGO prime accounts are one of the CSGO ranked accounts which come loaded with benefits.

  • CSGO prime accounts provide its players the opportunity of directly getting into the ranked matches, which leads you to save some good amount of time as well as energy as you don’t have to play with those annoying noob players anymore, because of who there is no fun in the game.
  • Having CSGO prime accounts lead you to only play with those players who also have CSGO prime ranked accounts as the game automatically pairs with those players only, which again leads you to save ample time as well as energy because of the obvious reasons. Such a relief, I tell you.
  • Since prime account players are only paired with other prime players, there is no chance of playing against cheaters or hackers. You will only play against dedicated and genuine players who really want to play the game. This leads to an increase in the number of fair game, which means more fun in the game. Having an equally dedicated and skilled enemy makes the game more fun and exciting.
  • CSGO prime accounts make it easier for the players to have that high ranked account without investing much of your precious time with your ordinary skins or weapons as well as your energy. Now, you can simply buy one of the prime accounts available on different websites. You can buy any of the CSGO prime accounts as per your preferences.
  • With prime accounts, you end up having better teammates and also, the player gets to elevate his level which leads to the high-level gaming experience.
  • Everybody knows that players get to acquire a high ranking status only if they have reached the Pvt 2 rank or level 21. But opting to buy for CSGO prime accounts leads you to surpass all these rookies without any hitch.


With the status of the prime rank holder, you also get to utilize all the prime exclusive souvenir items, item drops, and weapon cases, and also the access to all community-operated servers. The MP5- SD lab rat’s skin is the first-ever exclusive item for players with prime accounts. There are so many more items in the long list of exclusive items waiting for you that you don’t get with any other cheap CSGO accounts.

These prime accounts are available on different websites. Surely, the rate differs. But spending a little amount on these prime accounts is totally worth it because, obviously, you don’t want to waste your time as well as money that you can’t afford. You just need to look for legit websites providing genuine services and then you are good to go.

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