Astralis surpassed ENCE 2-0, Bagged Third Major Crown

The Astralis proved themselves to be one of the best team on Sunday. Those who were disapproving
on their qualifications, concerning their position as the leading side in the current Counter-Strike,
surely got ousted last Sunday. The match was between David and Goliath; first-timers at majors,
turning up against Astralis, who bagged the third crown. The Finnish group defeated Natus Vincere
and Liquid.

An irrefutable win on ENCE’s train- a map that has been there since Epicentre ’18. Astralis’
playground was an inferno, whereas the Danes fought the Nordics, mounting their current record on
the map to 15-0, hitherto another scary sign that this steam persists to increase the bar, after
already being the best bomb in the game, which was quickly restricted by ENCE.

The Finns were the second-poorest team since the last-16 stage concerning pistol round success; still
they managed to penetrate Astralis defense with comparative ease in the first round. After granting
an eco-round, the Danes acted convincingly in their initial attempt in order to buy. This was a huge
opportunity for the Astralis as they started dominating the game and offered their opponent a little
room to function with their rigid defense. Until the middle of the game, the Danes would yield in
only two rounds, oddly one of them being anti-eco, competing to an impressive 11-4 le
Currently playing on the CT side, ENCE discovered a lifeline as they earned the pistol round that
almost slithered through their fingers. Astralis’ first buy attempt didn’t work; however, a half buy
wager was successful and killed the terrorists. READ:- Useful Ways to Boost Your CSGO Rank


Astralis took the opportunity of the moment and scored 14-7 lead, however, they couldn’t reach the
map point. Seeing this Jere Salo took the advantages of miscommunication happened in the part of
the opposition. ENCE deterred the reset with a dual AWP setup and held the terrorists far from their
reach various rounds in a row, causing the shortfall to 11-14.

It appeared as if another improbable comeback gonna happen, however, due to wreckage in the
ENCE’s resistance system in the 26th round, Andreas "Xyp9x" Højsleth ended the game with a
fantastic 1v2 clutch, and became the highest-rated player at 1.52. Inferno started the game with
great intensity. Danish giants as Peter “Deupreeh” Ramussen and Nicolai “Device” Reedtz chastised
ENCE’s invasion in the pistol round. Astralis kept running over the weak Finnish protection, pushing
Aleksib in order to call a timeout when he discovered his team losing by 0-6.

After the defensive pause, ENCE was getting their first round cleared, however, Astralis reacted in a
2v4 circumstance in order to pile more stress on their enemies.

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