Amazing Facts you must know about CS: GO

If you haven’t played CS: GO with your friends by sharing your Mobile Hotspot, then you are missing out on something really interesting. People who have played can relate to it.

  • You all must have also know every nook and corner of the popular maps like de-dust, de-dust 2, train, etc.
  • Players must have switched to knife if you want to run fast. In the beginning, buying weapons like AK-47 and then switching them to Deagle Bombs, Drop Bombs quickly.

    CSGO Knives

  • Also, nothing can beat the pleasure of giving someone a headshot.
  • And when you get too tired or bored in the game, switching yourself to zero gravity.

You must be remembering and laughing that you also do these because these are the things we all have done. We all buy CSGO Ranked Accounts and play all day. We get so busy in playing and enjoying our game, we don’t observe some funny things. Here are some things we have never noticed. You’ll get shocked to see the things which have written below. Have you ever really noticed these?

Amazing Facts about CSGO

CSGO Ranked Accounts

  1. In Counter-strike Go, you can’t see your own shadow. Have you noticed these? No, because people probably don’t.
  2. When the CS: GO was launched, it didn’t have any competitive matchmaking and skins. People just used to play on their CSGO Accounts. The matchmaking and skins came in 2013. Initially, it brought around 100 weapons skins.
  3. ISNOREMSG- This code disables everything. If you don’t want to listen to your friend’s bullshit and want to concentrate on the game only, then you can apply this code.
  4. If you see the chicken in the game, don’t shoot it rather walk up to it and press the use key. You can actually make them your friend and they’ll follow you around the map as long as someone else shoots it.

    CSGO chicken

  5. In CS: GO, you can actually pull out the cash in the CS: GO from ATM. You can pull out the cash by pressing the use button if you visit A Bombsite in the Overpass map.
  6. One more interesting thing is, you can also listen to Music on the CS: GO map d-train. You can locate a radio on the table to listen to music. Valve started selling music kits in 2014.
  7. Crouch in CS: GO doesn’t make your aim better, it just lowers your skin and allows you to aim quickly at enemy’s chest when it enters your field of vision.

So, whenever you play next time and notice these in your game. And tell us in comments you’ve found these or not. If you find something else that we haven’t mentioned, you can tell it us.

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