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5 YEAR OLD COIN Accounts

In CSGO, coins are awarded as tokens of victory to the players for achieving a milestone or being a part of a successful operation. As a part of the new update back in August 22, 2013, a coin is awarded to every player who have been a member of the CS community for five or ten years. The CSGO coin was a representation of their dedication to the game over the year. Valve also enabled the players to avail to physical copies of their coin which had only been virtual up until then. Our site shopcsgoaccounts.com provides 5 and 10 year old prime account at very reasonable costs. This would enable you to grab a hold of the coin that every CS member aspires to own. Our site has a range of options in this category while also providing additional services such as immediate delivery, 24/7 consultation. These accounts are regulated by our in-house team of dedicated member. Now, you don’t need to spend a fortune just to buy old CSGO accounts.

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Shop csgo accounts is the contemporary model that offers you legit, most- reliable, and worthwhile CSGO Smurf accounts with right reputation. We offer our customers cheap and  and authorized CSGO smurf accounts with the price range starting from [ ]. you don’t need to worry about the quality of these accounts, because that’s our job. We make sure that these CSGO smurf accounts are safe, easy-to-use and creates no issue while using the account. We also offer best CSGO prime accounts with a variety of options to choose from and you don’t need to break your bank for that also. Now, you would ask why to buy CSGO smurf accounts from us?

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We know that you can’t wait to play with your new accounts and that’s why we offer all our customers instant delivery so that you get to play as soon as possible. We can be your F.R.I.E.N.D.S. because we promise that “we’ll be there for you”.  

Instant Delivery

Get your account/order details delivered instantly to your provided email address as soon as you make a purchase

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All accounts are verified to assure that no third party software or hacks have been used to for account boosting

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Our support staff is available 24x7 on email and live chat to help you with all your questions and concerns

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Buying from our portal means secured shopping, with a bonus of high-quality service. We provide secure payment gateway so that your credentials are protected from the reach of any third party and are safe on our servers. Because safety of our customer is of utmost importance to us.

Frequently asked question

What are the Veteran Coin Accounts?

To be eligible to receive the coin the player must have a game from the Counter-Strike series or Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. The player must have owned the game for 5 years or 10 years and played the game at least once. The accounts which have these coins in their inventory are known as veteran coin accounts.

What are High Hours Special Accounts?

These are specially hour boosted for years and years without actually playing on them for a single minute. This way the trust factor of such accounts remains intact and the customers are able to enjoy the vanilla feel of the accounts as they are able to customize them according to their needs and likeness.

What are Loyalty Badge accounts?

On 6th December 2018 Valve pushed an update making Counter Strike Global Offensive free to play to all users. Valve also announced that all the accounts prior to that update were made Prime Enabled and were granted a special Badge known as Loyalty badge which commemorates loyal membership in the Counter-Strike community.

My account doesn’t have a 5/10 Year Veteran coin. Can I purchase the coin from the steam store or market?

No the only way to acquire a 5/10 Year Veteran coin is to play or keep Counter Strike Global Offensive in your steam account for 5 to 10 years respectively.

Can I purchase a physical copy of the Veteran Coin as a souvenir?

Yes one can purchase a physical souvenir of the Veteran Coin from Valve Store which specializes in CSGO merchandise accessories and apparel.

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