10 Scientifically Proven CS: GO Tips For Better Aim

Ever wondered why Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS: GO) is more popular than other FPS games? 

Well, it is so because the game’s competitive like no other. Since the competition level in the game is really high, players find it thrilling to the extremes. 

But playing the game isn’t all that easy. As it’s an FPS game, it obviously features different kinds of weapons. And if you can’t aim at or shoot your opponents properly, you’re done for. Other players will get one up on you, kick you, and even rank up, while you’ll be left behind. 

If you’re at the same rank in the game for more than 20 competitive matches, you’ll have three options left buy a Cs go prime account for ranking up; say goodbye to the game, for it’s useless to keep playing at the same level; or improve your aim. 

Beginners and other players may buy cs go accounts so that they can get a guaranteed rank-up in the game. Pro players even buy cs go high tier accounts to increase their own levels by defeating other gamers. But if your aim isn’t good enough, ranking up with an account isn’t going to help you much. That’s because even if you rank up, and you can’t aim well, your rank might decrease. 

So to prevent that kind of scenario, we’ve compiled 10 tips that I’ve been scientifically proven to make your aim better. 

10 CS: GO Tips for Bettering Your Aim

These tips will help you not only in CS: GO but also in every other shooter you play!


  • Adjust mouse sensitivity

 One of the most important things you need to improve your aim is adjusting your mouse sensitivity. Whether you can shoot your enemy accurately after rapidly aiming at him/her depends on whether your mouse is sensitive enough. A slow mouse prevents you from making sharper movements in CS: GO. To adjust the sensitivity of your mouse, go to Settings> Keyboard> Mouse> Mouse sensitivity, and select a value from 2 to 4. You can also use the console command “sensitivity 2.7” if you don’t want to enter the settings menu. 


  • Learn what weapons to use and when to use them

  You can effectively aim with each weapon in CS: GO only when you use it in the right context. For example, on close distances, you should use XM1014 instead of AWP. But AWP causes heavy damage, while XM1014 does the opposite. For 2-3 rounds, the best weapons to use are pistol machine guns. If you’re using USP-S, don’t remove the silencer. Removing the silencer from USP-S will increase the spread and affect your shooting accuracy. So knowing the particular qualities of all weapons in the game gives you a super advantage over other players. 


  • Leave weapons you can’t handle

 If you’re a beginner, don’t go straight for any weapon that you find visually appealing. Arming yourself with weapons like R8 and Desert Eagle won’t make sure that you’re aiming accurately. This is because you won’t know how to use them in the first place! It’s better to practice aiming at bots with these firearms in offline matches before shooting real opponents. Trying to experiment with new rifles and shotguns during casual and competitive matchmaking won’t make a pretty picture. Just take those weapons with which you’ve got enough experience. 


  • Learn spray patterns

Every weapon in CS: GO has its own unique spray pattern along with recoil compensation. So besides knowing the qualities of each weapon, you need to understand the advantages each weapon comes with. This also helps you navigate the CS: GO map faster, apart from learning how to shoot perfectly with each weapon. For example, with AK-47, it gets nearly impossible to control the bullet spray after 10-11 bullets. To get the most out of its recoil compensation, shoot 2 or 3 bullets at once. Move the scope below your target before the 10th or 1th bullet, then move it to the left till the 15th bullet. Immediately after, move the scope to the right till the 22nd bullet, and then move it back to the left. AWP has no spray pattern, but a bullet in the head or the body is enough to kill the enemy. Keep practicing the spray patterns and recoil compensation of your firearms till you get your aim right. 



  • Practice wallbanging

For those of you who don’t know what wall-banging is, it means shooting through a penetrable surface to attack someone behind it. Make a wall bang out of doors, windows, boxes, or any blocking object you find on a map, and start practicing. In this way, find out which weapon is the best for wallbanging. This also gives you a chance to learn about the qualities of different firearms. It’ll come in handy in bettering your aim.   


  • Adjust crosshair settings

Correctly setting up your weapon’s sight goes a long way in improving your aim in CS: GO. The standard CS: GO crosshair is large and has a dot in its middle. But to get a crosshair that fits your playing style perfectly, you need to change the CS: GO crosshair. You can do that via console commands, config, default settings, or crosshair change maps. For changing crosshair via settings, open CS: GO> Game Settings> HUD, and choose the size, color, and style of the sight. With the console command “cl_crosshairstyle 3”, you can get the classic crosshair that comes with dynamic features. Get the classic crosshair from CS 1.6 with “cl_crosshairstyle 2”. The command “cl_crosshaircolor 5” allows you to set a custom color for your crosshair. Crosshair change maps let you try several different sights right in the game. You can also change your crosshair settings with the help of crosshair generators.


  • Play Deathmatch

We know how important your Kill to Death Ratio (KDR) and other CS: GO stats are to you. But if you want to better your aiming skills, you need to forget KDR and all the rest of the stats for some time. Simply enter Deathmatch matchmaking and just focus on crosshair placement. Also, try to land as many headshots as you can. 


  • Fix sound tuning

You can aim accurately at your enemies in CS: GO when you hear them beforehand. Make sure you properly connect speakers or headphones to be able to listen better. If you’re playing music in CS: GO, set the overall volume to “0”. The 10-second warning sound might drown out the sound of your enemies’ steps, so turn off that warning sound. 


  • Practice moving smart

Better your aim by synchronizing your movement and shooting. Csgo sidestepping is useful when you switch directions. Practice stepping left and right continuously at the same spot while you’re shooting your enemy. Move slowly at first to aim at and hit the same spot over and over again. Try to do it faster as you improve, but don’t move too fast right in the beginning.  


  •  Use aim training maps

Finally, you can subscribe to aim training maps from the Steam Workshop. These maps will then be automatically downloaded and installed when you boot up CS: GO. For example, the training_aim_csgo2 training map throws up targets and makes them spin wildly for you to shoot at them. You can also change the size of the targets and shoot from various distances to improve your aim. 


Training Center 1.5c lets you practice aiming with AWP. Most pro players use a training map called Aim Botz, where the difficulty level increases with your aim improvement. 

Remember, these CS: GO tips can help better your aim only if you keep playing and practicing. Most importantly, never give up!